Jewelry by dMoose
Magnetic Belts
Read Before Ordering
We do not make any
medical claims regarding
our jewelry nor do we
claim that there is
scientific consensus
regarding these products.
Consult a physician
before wearing any
magnetic jewelry, if you
are pregnant, lactating or
if you have any internal
device such as a heart
pacemaker, a
defibrillator, an internal
insulin pump, hearing
implant etc. These
products are not intended
to be sold as a medical
device or as a
replacement for
traditional medical
treatment nor are these
products approved by the
Federal Drug
Administration (FDA).
Our jewelry contains
small pieces and could be
harmful to children and
pets if it breaks.  Do not
wear Magnetic Jewelry
next to a watch or
hearing aid.
Please Send Us A Direct Email To Our Email Address On the Contact Page Of Your Order. Include
Product #'s, Quantities and Size.  

We Will Email You A "PayPal Invoice" Showing Your Total Amount and Shipping Charges. You may
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Sizing for Belts:  Please Understand that these Magnetic Belts are not necessarily designed to hold up pants or skirts
or to replace your regular belt.  
These belts are designed to be worn over your regular belt when worn with pants/skirts
that require a belt and/or with outfits that do not require a belt.
 Therefore when measuring for the proper size it is
usually best add an inch or two to your natural waist size, so the belt will fit a little loose over your existing belt and yet
will not fall down when worn without your regular belt.
Important Note: When ordering belts don't forget to Specify Length-Size Needed - on your PayPal Order page, where it
will read "Click Here to Specify Length." Please See Sizing Instructions below.
Belts With ALL
Black Magnetic Hematite

  • 30 Inch - $40.00

  • 32 Inch - $42.00

  • 34 Inch - $44.00

  • 36 Inch - $46.00

  • 38 Inch - $48.00

  • 40 Inch - $50.00

  • 42 Inch - $52.00

  • 44 Inch - $54.00
Made with All Black Magnetic Hematite Beads and Heavy Duty Clasps.
All Beads Are Magnetic.