Caring For Your Magnetic Hematite Jewelry
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medical claims regarding
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Consult a physician before
wearing any magnetic
jewelry, if you are
pregnant, lactating or if
you have any internal
device such as a heart
pacemaker, a defibrillator,
an internal insulin pump,
hearing implant etc. These
products are not intended
to be sold as a medical
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treatment nor are these
products approved by the
Federal Drug
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jewelry contains small
pieces and could be
harmful to children and
pets if it breaks.  Do not
wear Magnetic Jewelry
next to a watch or hearing
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How To Care For Your Magnetic Hematite
What Size To Order: have to be
sized to fit. When have to be
sized to fit. When ordering
bracelets or anklets, please
PayPal "Review Your Order"
Page, where you see "Click
Here to Specify Length
Needed...". We suggest taking
an exact measurement of your
wrist or ankle and then adding
a half inch to the
measurement.  The total would
be the size bracelet or anklet
you should order.  (Example:
Your wrist measures exactly 7
inches in diameter.  Add a half
inch to that measurement for
the size bracelet needed = 7 and
1/2 inches.) Bracelets/Anklets
should not fit snug, as the
strong magnetic clasp may
pinch your skin when you flex.  
(Magnetic jewelry does not
have to be worn snug to be
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Fashionable Handcrafted Magnetic Hematite Jewelry
Please Review These Quick Tips on How to Care For Your Jewelry
  • Do not use any type of commercial jewelry cleaner to clean Magnetic Hematite Jewelry. (Jewelry cleaners may harm or discolor the hematite
    beads or the Tibetan Silver beads/spacers).

  • To clean the beads, just wipe beads with soft mildly wet cloth.  If needed, you may use a small amount of mild dish washing liquid applied
    evenly to the damp cloth. Then using another wet/damp cloth with no soap, simply wipe soap off jewelry and dry/polish with a soft dry
    cloth. (May also rinse under clear water and wipe dry/polish with a soft dry cloth.)

  • Remove (take off) your jewelry when doing dishes, heavy work or when cleaning house using cleaning chemicals (bleach, toilet bowl
    cleaners etc.). Avoid jewelry contact with hand lotions, hair spray, fingernail polish remover etc.

  • **The nature of rare earth magnetic clasps makes them prone to rust when they come into contact with water or perspiration. Regular
    cleaning of the Clasps will prevent rust buildup and will ensure that the clasp remain at their full holding strength.   Brush the end of the clasp
    with an old dry toothbrush or very lightly with very low abrasive sandpaper, then wipe the end of the clasp back and forth on a dry cloth
    laying on a flat surface.  TO PREVENT RUST from building up as quickly ON THE CLASP ENDS, we suggest DABBING THE END OF

  • If Hematite Jewelry gets wet:  It is best to remove it before you shower, bathe or swim. Chlorine or other chemicals in tap water and
    especially pool water may cause damage or discoloration to the Hematite beads or spacers. Excessive exposure to water can also cause the
    rare earth magnetic clasps to rust. If you do get your Magnetic Hematite jewelry wet, just take it off and wipe dry with a soft dry cloth.

  • *Tibetan Silver spacers and pendants have an overlay of silver plating on top of copper. Silver plated jewelry is not sterling and is more
    susceptible to tarnish and wear over time. We use high quality Tibetan silver materials that under normal wear will last a reasonable time.  
    However, like most commercially available silver plated spacers/pendants, we cannot guarantee that the silver plating will not eventually wear
All of our magnetic jewelry is individually designed and handcrafted directly by us in our home here in the USA
and on site at craft festivals. We use an extremely strong filament line and high strength magnetic hematite beads
and rare earth high strength magnetic clasps**. We accent the magnetic jewelry with high quality gemstones,
crystal beads and “Tibetan-silver”* spacers and pendants.